tutorial jquery top button

ello hari nie pqah buat tuto jquery scroll to top yg mcm pqah punya tu.hehehe.. cantik tak?? nnti pqah bagi freebies button tu ye... tuto nie credit dkt anis nutella

1: dashboard> design> edit html ... jgn lupa tick expand widget
2: tkn ctrl+f search code nie
3:paste code dibwh nie sebelum code diatas
<a href='#' id='toTop'><img src='URL IMAGE TOP BUTTON?t=1292762029' style='border:0;'/></a>
*url image tu gamba top button korang

4: search code nie pulak
5: copy code dibwh nie sebelum code tadi
/* to top */
#toTop { width:100px;background:none;border:0px solid #ccc;text-align:center;padding:5px;position:fixed;bottom:10px;right:10px;cursor:pointer;color:#666;text-decoration:none; }
6: last step...hehehe korang cari code nie
7: paste code dibwh sebelum code diatas jugak =P
<script src='http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.3.2/jquery.min.js' type='text/javascript'/><script type='text/javascript'>/*----------------------- * jQuery Plugin: Scroll to Top * by Craig Wilson, Ph.Creative (http://www.ph-creative.com) * Bring to you by Zen from http://zenplate.blogspot.com * Copyright (c) 2009 Ph.Creative Ltd. * Description: Adds an unobtrusive &quot;Scroll to Top&quot; link to your page with smooth scrolling. * For usage instructions and version updates to go http://blog.ph-creative.com/post/jquery-plugin-scroll-to-top.aspx * Do not delete these infomation * Version: 1.0, 12/03/2009 -----------------------*/ 
$(function(){$.fn.scrollToTop=function(){$(this).hide().removeAttr(&quot;href&quot;);if($(window).scrollTop()!=&quot;0&quot;){$(this).fadeIn(&quot;slow&quot;)}var scrollDiv=$(this);$(window).scroll(function(){if($(window).scrollTop()==&quot;0&quot;){$(scrollDiv).fadeOut(&quot;slow&quot;)}else{$(scrollDiv).fadeIn(&quot;slow&quot;)}});$(this).click(function(){$(&quot;html, body&quot;).animate({scrollTop:0},&quot;slow&quot;)})}}); 
$(function() { $(&quot;#toTop&quot;).scrollToTop(); }); 

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